2017 Speaker School

November 10, 2017 - 5:30pm
Crowne Plaza Executive Park, 5700 Westpark Drive, Charlotte, NC 28216

Interested in becoming a professional speaker and getting paid to speak?

Already a speaker but want to take your business and income up a notch?

Then you need to be at our 2017 NSA Carolinas Speaker School Nov 10 & 11!

This is the premier annual event for speakers, trainers, and presenters of all levels of experience and expertise who want to achieve the next level of success in their business.

Whether you’ve never done a single paid speaking engagement or you’ve done 500+, there’s something for you at this exclusive, jam-packed training.

Friday night’s opening presenter is Dr. Kevin Snyder, a former Dean of Students at High Point University who is now full-time in professional speaking. Kevin went from ZERO gigs to ELEVEN in SIX short months. To date Kevin has presented for over 500,000 people through 1,150 audiences in all 50 states and several countries. Kevin will be teaching us his successful business model that started and still runs his speaking business. His model will help you take your speaking business to the next level.

Kevin will also be sharing crucial strategies that will help us avoid speaker mistakes that commonly kill speaking businesses. What Kevin learned about speaking in 15 years is what you’ll learn in one short evening!! View Kevin’s website at

The next day’s awesomeness continues in full force as Saturday morning we have an exciting and unprecedented format…

For the first time ever we’re going to split up into two separate tracks based on what you want to learn most! Cool right?!

TRACK 1 is a powerful and insightful session on the Value Chain of Public Speaking with renowned expert Stephanie Scotti. Her topic is crucial because one the biggest and most costly mistakes speakers make in their business is not knowing what specific role they are being asked to play as a speaker.

For example, is it that of the Expert whose purpose is to make information accessible and inform the audience? The Interpreter that translates information to make it meaningful and their job is to invoke action? Or is it the Catalyst, who inspires, accelerates change, and is there to disrupt the status quo?

Because each different role serves a distinct purpose and adds a unique value to the chain of information shared with an audience, without this crucial information it’s impossible to have a successful presentation that meets the expectations and needs of your customer.

This session will help you clearly answer the question: Which speaker role do you need to occupy to be successful for your next presentation?

(Note: If you choose this track, Stephanie has created an online assessment quiz for you to take in advance that will help you learn your role as well as assist her in knowing how to best custom-tailor her session to meet your specific needs!)

TRACK 2 is a special treat with Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland. Steve has built a multimillion-dollar company from scratch and speaks to over a quarter-million people per year (and over two million total to date!)

His list of accolades, titles, awards, and accomplishments could take up pages and pages and if you think he might know just a little something about operating a speaking business at a very high and international level, you’d be right. In this Track, he will be sharing how he got to where he is today, along with the lessons, trials, tribulations, and discoveries that he experienced along the way so that you can benefit and apply them to your own speaking business. This is as close to “standing on the shoulders of giants” as you can get.


Once these two morning sessions conclude around noon, we’ll refuel with lunch, enjoy a chance to chat with our fellow speaker friends, then jump right back into “drinking-from-a-firehose-mode” with our special bonus roundtable sessions featuring the best-of-the-best in NSA Carolinas talent.

You’ll get to attend three (3) of the five (5) a la carte options that you get to choose from:

Valda Ford (NSAC past-president) – Ninja Strategies for Building a Huge Social Media Following.

It took Valda two years to get 800 Facebook fans. Then, learning how to focus on what she wanted, she went from 800 to 20,000 in 3 (yes three) months. Two years later she has over a half million Facebook Fans AND she is earning income from it. Sound good to you? Attend her roundtable session and find out how she did it.

Becky Sansbury (NSAC president) – Your Book: Moving from Concept to Completion.

Do you want to write a book, but haven’t? Have people encouraged you to write a book, but you’re still dragging your feet? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes”, this discussion is for you! Sit down with an author whose book bounced around in her head for over ten years before she took action. That book is now written, published, and attracting business. You won’t get a magic wand to wave and have your book appear out of thin air, but you will get timely and practical tips and advice that will help you get that thought out of your head and into print.

Wendy Gates Corbett – 3 Golden Rules for Creating Stunning Slides.

Creating beautiful, vibrant slides does NOT have to drain your brain or your wallet. Presentation consultant to the pros (and Slide Designer for TEDxRaleigh), Wendy will share deceptively simple ways you can make your own slides shine. Using slides donated by Speaker School students, she’ll show you step-by-step how easy the rules are to apply to your own presentations.

Kevin Snyder – How to Get, Do, and Rock a TED Talk.

At one time unknown and obscure, TED Talks have become a household term in recent years following a tremendous surge in popularity. Our very own NSAC member Kevin Snyder has been involved in TEDx as both a speaker and an organizer so you’ll you’ll get a rare perspective and insight on how to apply for, get, and give a successful TED Talk that people will remember for years.

Evan Carroll – Speaker Marketing – Do’s, Don’ts and Gotchas.

Ahhh…Marketing. The less-emphasized but just-as-important half of a successful, thriving speaking business. If people don’t know who you are or what you do, they simply can’t hire you, regardless of how good you are. Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Or get it started if you haven’t yet? During this roundtable, Evan will discuss marketing fundamentals along with what works in today’s competitive market. He’ll also share the common pitfalls and avoidable mistakes that he sees speakers make over and over again.

Now…unfortunately, even though we have 5 roundtables, you’ll want to choose carefully because you’ll only have time to attend 3 of them live.

How much will all this cost? Way less than what it’s worth.

Pre-registration Early Bird Rates (Till Nov 6th 2017)

* New 2017 NSAC members pay nothing to attend – the cost is included in your first year’s membership – If you were a new member from Nov 2016 to Oct 2017 please email Allen Oliver at for your special FREE discount code.

At the door: (after Nov 7th 2017)

Finally…to make this deal even sweeter and make this a complete no-brainer…

In addition to everything mentioned above, there’s 3 special bonuses for all attendees that sign up online…

  1. A recording of Kevin Snyders presentation
  2. A recording of Stephanie Scotti’s presentation
  3. A recording of Steve Gillialand’s presentation

This way you can take all these fabulous speakers home with you and listen over and over again at your convenience!

See you there!



Friday November 10: 5:30-8:30pm

Saturday November 11: 8:30am-3:30pm


Crowne Plaza Executive Park

5700 Westpark Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217


Friday November 10

5:30pm Doors open, check-in, and registration

6:00-6:50pm Dinner

7:00- 8:30pm Evening Session; Dr. Kevin Snyder

Saturday November 11

8:30am Doors open, check-in, and registration

9:00am-12:00pm Track 1 Session; Stephanie Scotti

9:00am-12:00pm Track 2 Session; Steve Gilliland

12:15-1:00pm Lunch

1:10-1:35pm Roundtable 1

1:40-2:05pm Roundtable 2

2:10-2:35pm Roundtable 3

2:35 adjourn

When you arrive at this chapter, you should be given a seat belt, shoulder harness and helmet! The chapter meetings are filled with non-stop
energy and excitement. Joe Clouatre, Extreme Customer Service
NSA Carolinas quarterly meeting delivers a model format with over 4 hours of content and a wonderful lunch. Our April meeting featuring Chad Hymas inspired and instilled the urge to make each minute count. The afternoon speaker and book publishing expert John Peragine gave clarity to the next steps for today’s authors. Captain Jim Gordon, Successful Life Sailing
If you are serious about growing your speaking business and want to build relationships with some of the most successful people in the business, then you need to join NSA Carolina's today! Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, these content rich and targeted programs will give you an edge in business. Merikay Tillman, Catalyst Coach