Chapter Meeting June 10th

June 10, 2017 - 8:00am
Charlotte, NC

Location: Crown Plaza Charlotte Executive Park – 5700 Westpark Drive Charlotte, NC  28217 – 704-527-9650 – Click Here to Get the Meeting Room rate of $115.00

*Non NSA Carolinas Chapter Members

Featured Speaker – Mike Robertson

No Power & No Point: Turn Your Slides From Boring To Soaring

Blaming PowerPoint for boring slides is like blaming the paintbrush for a lousy painting. Mike Robertson is a nationally-known expert in creating amazing, magical slides for his own presentations and for many of the top speakers in the USA and he’s coming to share his secrets with NSA-Carolinas. This idea-packed workshop will give you dozens of ways to transform your own slides into works of art that will delight your audiences and help them retain your information much longer.
“The reason so many slide presentations are dull is that most people think of slides in a fundamentally old-fashioned way,” Robertson said. “Slides are used as the digital equivalent of the old flip charts—like we often use in brainstorming sessions. But slides can rise to the level of art once you learn the possibilities of a program like PowerPoint or Keynote.”
Creating amazing slides doesn’t require new tools or software; it only requires imagination and creativity along with the program you already have. In No Power & No Point, Mike shares usable techniques, tips and tricks to improve every aspect of a basic slide — color, texture, typography, frames, animations, use of multimedia, and even some interactive techniques that often elicit applause from audiences.
A professional speaker who focuses on creativity and readiness, Mike incorporates his eclectic background in graphic design, magic, and music to make slides like you’ve never seen before. When he shared a short version of this workshop at the National Speakers Association convention in San Diego in 2014, he instantly went from being an unknown to a sought-after thought leader in the field.
Mike lives in Austin with his wife, Lisa, a videographer. They have one daughter, Lindsey, a writer and performer in Los Angeles. He has written four books, is an accomplished musician, and once was the world’s foremost authority on PEZ dispensers. Yep, that’s true.
Don’t miss No Power & No Point: Turn Your Slides From Boring To Soaring. If you use slides, you’ll be blown away by how many great ideas you’ll get. And if you’ve never thought slides were necessary for your presentation, you’ll be amazed at the powerful possibilities you’re missing. You’ve never seen slides like this before.

AND there’s more! In the afternoon session, you will need your laptop with either Keynote (Mac Users) or Powerpoint (Microsoft Users) ready to go. Step by step, Mike will “real-time” share with you the steps to create AMAZING slides with your own content. Take a ride on the learning curve and walk away with presentation tools for your next keynote!


  • First Timer Session- 8:30AM
  • Welcome Valda Ford, President- 8:45AM
  • 9am Mike Robertson
  • 10:30am Energy Break
  • 10:50am -12:15pm Mike Robertson
  • 12:15pm Business Meeting
  • Lunch- 12:30pm – 1:15pm
  • 1:15pm-2:45pm Deep Dive Slides Lab
  • 2:45pm Adjourn

Next Chapter Meeting Features Lois Creamer on September 9th! Mark your calendar!

When you arrive at this chapter, you should be given a seat belt, shoulder harness and helmet! The chapter meetings are filled with non-stop
energy and excitement. Joe Clouatre, Extreme Customer Service
NSA Carolinas quarterly meeting delivers a model format with over 4 hours of content and a wonderful lunch. Our April meeting featuring Chad Hymas inspired and instilled the urge to make each minute count. The afternoon speaker and book publishing expert John Peragine gave clarity to the next steps for today’s authors. Captain Jim Gordon, Successful Life Sailing
If you are serious about growing your speaking business and want to build relationships with some of the most successful people in the business, then you need to join NSA Carolina's today! Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, these content rich and targeted programs will give you an edge in business. Merikay Tillman, Catalyst Coach