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Three Ways to Become Unforgettable & Invaluable as a Speaker

As professional speakers, we must provide value to our clients and audiences. Value helps us become unforgettable (and invaluable)!

Think of value as a thread that weaves our pre-event work, on-stage presence, storytelling, messages, and post-event engagement together to create not just a talk, but an experience.

Below are 3 ideas to help you reach unforgettable status as a speaker:

  1. Social Media: A fantastic (and free) way to connect with attendees before speaking at a conference. Promote your keynote or session by tagging the conference name and using its hashtags. This creates an easy way to build attendee relationships and gather questions or insights that can help shape customized messages. Don’t forget post-event Social Media posts with images of you on stage or interacting with attendees!
  1. Visuals: Do you incorporate video or imagery in your talks? Of course you do! Make sure they are dynamic, crisp, and complement your messages. Did you know that the human brain is wired to digest visual images 60,000 times faster than written words? Your visuals will provide value because your points will be processed faster and remembered longer.
  2. Pre-Event Research: This goes beyond the planning calls with the event manager. Take time to read about industry trends and news and research the company’s website to learn more about current business challenges or how the company has evolved since it started. Social Media channels, especially LinkedIn, are great sources where you can read what employees are posting/promoting about the company and make connections (refer to No. 1 😉). You can use this intel for your pre-event planning calls or as another pre-event touchpoint to demonstrate interest and value.

What are some ways that you have created and delivered value to your clients and audiences?? Please go to our Facebook page to share your thoughts and ideas!

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