Welcome the NSA Carolinas!

President's Message, Chuck Gallagher

It won't be long till our September meeting and I'm so excited about our 2014-15 Kickoff. This year our focus will be Bring Home the Bacon (tofu for vegetarians) or Let's Make More Money Speaking.  At each meeting we will feature something new that you can implement and turn into profit$. I promise this meeting is a MUST ATTEND. There are things that will take place in Charlotte that will convert to business for you!

When I first started in speaking in Dallas, TX I thought I spoke pretty good for a southern boy. But I was told I needed a speech coach. Alas my face went sad and my ego was bruised. Then Betty Garrett (Garrett Speakers International - speakers bureau) explained it was not my delivery that was lacking, but my content needed tweaking so it would reach a broader audience at an emotional level. Boy was Betty right.

Enter Karen Cortell Reisman – a professional speech coach, speaker and author. The best money I ever spent was hiring Karen to help me construct my speech so it would resonate with the audience, reverberate with the meeting planner and mostly, get more business. Karen's work was priceless. The very first presentation I gave following my work with Karen earned me Speaker of the Year from that national organization. I promise it wasn't that I talked good as a southern boy...but rather the construct of the program that ensured I would touch the hearts of those who attended. Karen’s methods work and the members of the association remembered when it came time to vote nine months later. Click Here to Read More

I promise the work Karen has done, behind the scenes, with speakers, executives and associations have been transformative. You will definitely want to be at our September 13th Meeting because together we will Bring Home the Bacon.

Cheers and see ya soon.