Welcome the NSA Carolinas!

President's Message, Chuck Gallagher

Not long ago I stood at the NSA office in Phoenix gazing at the Wall of Fame (at least that's what I called it). I thought about those people who accepted the leadership role as NSA Presidents. One thing was evident.  NSA/Carolinas is the chapter with the most NSA Presidents. And as I stood there counting, it occurred to me that the greatness of any organization is not who serves as its President, but rather what those who accept the baton of leadership can give so others can grow. The NSA Presidents from the Carolinas’ Chapter are all great givers!

Another thing that was an outgrowth of the meeting in Phoenix was the importance of chapter strength. In fact, more times than not we were told that the strength of the chapters determines the strength of our national organization. Our national organization is strong and it is because of the incredible leadership that provides support to our members through selfless giving in our local chapter.

And now as the baton has passed, I humbly accept the responsibility to serve as the NSA/Carolinas’ Chapter President. Yet even as I say that I know that our success ahead is a function of many who, this year, will devote time, energy and effort into making 2014-2015 a great year. This year’s theme is Bring Home the Bacon (no offense to vegetarians - for you it's “Bring Home the Hummus”).  Two things will help define this year: 1) providing quality programming that focuses on improving our business and increasing revenue; 2) continuing growth in NSA/Carolinas.

There is only one thing that is absolutely critical that I need your help with - your attendance. You see, I cannot do it alone. NSA/Carolinas’ success is dependent on YOU! You make the difference. If you are an experienced member, Past President (chapter or national), we need YOU! There are so many members who would just like to shake your hand, get a picture taken with you and know that by talking with you they might be able to glean some wisdom to help them on their road to success. If you have been active or on a past board, we need YOU! There are so many folks that look up to you.  Knowing you have been where they are, they can tap into your knowledge to help find the speaking success they are working to achieve. If you are a new members...we need YOU! Whether you are new to the speaking industry or just new to our area, we value your commitment and presence at our chapter meetings. You, too, contribute to our success.

I hope you will join me in making a commitment to give this year to our chapter – NSA/Carolinas. We need your input, your participation and your attendance - this combination of all three will ensure an outstanding year for all. To me SUCCESS is defined by the impact you make on another's life. Be a giver, make an impact and together let's create success for NSA/Carolinas.

Chuck Gallagher