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    • October 15, 2022

    NSA Carolinas Speaker Academy

    Learn how to shift and accelerate your speaking success to the next higher level in our supportive Academy cohort!

    The NSA Carolinas Speakers Academy is our annual cohort designed for aspiring and new(er) speakers to learn the fundamentals for launching a successful part-time or full-time speaking business!  

    However, speakers with ALL levels of experience seeking new ways to grow are welcome and are guaranteed to find tremendous value and benefit in the Academy curriculum.  The fundamentals of running a business in speaking can easily be forgotten or overlooked! You’ll hear a wide variety of insights from our Academy presenters sharing insights and business models.

    Important:  you do NOT need to be a member of NSA or our NSA Carolinas chapter to enroll in the Academy!  In fact, NSA Carolinas membership is included!

    So whether you are an aspiring speaker, just starting out or already have some experience speaking professionally, if you desire to grow your speaking to the next higher level, the NSA Carolinas Speaker Academy will equip and empower you to do just that!

    The curriculum within the Academy is based upon a proven process and roadmap for getting started in speaking, crafting dynamic speeches that get referred, identifying ideal target audiences and earning consistent PAID speaking engagements. 

    In addition to learning a thorough curriculum to help you achieve your speaking goals, you will:

    … have lifetime access to all session recordings and handouts

    … be paired with a mentor for ongoing support

    … receive support in an accountability group

    … hear from a variety of presenters sharing their insights about the speaking profession

    … learn how to become a TEDx presenter

    … learn how to write a book

    … learn how to make a great speaker website

    … learn how to make a captivating demo video

    … and much more!

    Deadline to Enroll

    Wednesday, October 12

    4 meetings in total

    • 3 virtual meetings + November 5 Speaker Intensive workshop (in-person or virtual)

    Meeting Dates:

    Orientation - October 15     Virtual    12pm – 1:30pm

    Session 1 -     October 22      Virtual    12pm – 1:30pm

    Session 2 -     November 5     Hybrid     9am – 2:30pm

    Session 3 -     November 15   Virtual    12pm -  1:30pm

    • Schedule subject to change based on participant and instructor availability/agreement 

    • Recordings will be provided for each session; however LIVE attendance is highly recommended for maximum impact

    How to apply?

    Register below.  After registration you will receive an Academy Intake Form to complete.  Please return that form as soon as possible so we can learn more about you, your speaking experience and your speaking aspirations.

    Lead Facilitator(s)

    Dr. Kevin Snyder, www.KevinCSnyder.com   www.PAIDtoSPEAK.biz 

    Kevin proudly serves as President-Elect for NSA Carolinas.  He has been speaking for 20+ years and full-time since 2012.  His audiences span practically every industry from collegiate to corporate. 1,000,000+ people in all 50 states and several countries have experienced one of his keynotes or training workshops.  Kevin is also the author of several books, one of which is titled, PAID to $PEAK: How to Become a Professional Speaker.

    Kevin will be bringing in various co-presenters throughout the Academy curriculum to share their insights on various topics and answer your questions!  There are many models within a speaking profession and we’ll share with you different approaches that can inspire you and maximize your success!

    NSA Carolinas Gives Back!

    NSA Carolinas wants to give back to our community and those in need as much as possible.  There are a wide variety of philanthropic organizations and charities in the Carolinas area who we can help provide support to make a difference.  Once the Academy begins, we’ll identify 2 charity organizations that we can support.  $50 from every registrant tuition will totaled and then evenly divided between those 2 organizations!  We appreciate you helping us make a difference here in the Carolinas!


    Until September 1:

    $350 price includes all sessions and PAID to $PEAK textbook.

    $450 price includes all sessions, one-year membership to NSA Carolinas and PAID to $PEAK textbook.

    After September 1:

    $495 price includes all sessions and PAID to $PEAK textbook.

    $750 price includes all sessions, one-year membership to NSA Carolinas and PAID to $PEAK textbook.

    ** Sponsorships are available!  See below for details.

    Questions before enrolling?  

    Ask away!  Send an email to Kevin directly:  Kevin@KevinCSnyder.com

    Common questions 

    What if I am not available for a session?

    • That’s OK.  We’ll be recording each session and make available to you immediately.  You’ll also have an outline for the curriculum and sessions coming up, so you’ll know what you’ll be missing in advance.  If you know you will miss a session, let us know your question(s) in advance!

    Is the Speaker Intensive Workshop included in Academy tuition?

    • Yes! The Speaker Intensive is scheduled for November 5 in Raleigh, NC.  See our event calendar for more details!

    I’m not a current member of NSA Carolinas or NSA National?  Can I still enroll in the Academy?

    • Yes!  In fact, we have a registration option that includes NSA Carolinas membership.  You are not required to be a member of NSA National or our NSA Carolinas chapter to enroll in the Academy.

    Will I receive support and help after the Academy concludes?

    • Yes, during Academy we will match you with other ‘students’ having similar experience and speaking goals in mind.  You all have the opportunity to meet as you wish, when you wish and for as long as you wish!  We hope to facilitate dynamic connections and collaborations amongst you and other speakers! You will also be paired with a Mentor who is already a member of NSA Carolinas.  How your Mentorship relationship is designed is completely up to you and your Mentor.


    • $350 – for current NSA Carolinas members  (until Sept 30th)

    • $450 – for non-NSA Carolinas members but includes membership in NSA Carolinas (until Sept 30th)

    • $495 – for current NSA Carolinas members  (after Sept 30th)

    • $750 – for non-NSA Carolinas members but includes membership in NSA Carolinas (after Sept 30th)

    • Sponsorship opportunity  (sponsors include logo on all Academy marketing, mention during each session, mention during Speaker Intensive, opportunity to present during 1 session, video recording sent to all registrants, email thank you with link to all registrants.)

    • November 05, 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
    • 5316 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609

    The NSA Carolinas Speaker Intensive is just that … an intensive workshop that dives deep into the storytelling art and business side of speaking.  It’s a full day immersion that equips and empowers you with actionable takeaways you can apply personally and professionally. In short, attending this Intensive will impact and help you grow your speaking business!

    On Saturday, November 5, we are thrilled to welcome newly inducted Hall of Fame Speaker and Certified Speaking Professional, Kelly Swanson to deliver our keynote address!  You do NOT want to miss her keynote (Part I) and interactive workshop (Part II)!

    Kelly is the perfect fit for our Intensive theme STORYTELLING!  She is a master at helping speakers curate an amazing story that also has relevance and impact for a professional speech or training program. If you’re seeking to improve your story-telling or discover new ways to make your stories more meaningful in a speech, mark your calendar for November 5th in Raleigh, NC for our Speaker Intensive!

    Kelly will also provide a ‘hot seat’ experience for four (4) lucky registrants during the workshop where she’ll work with you live and in the moment!  This opportunity is limited to those who register by the October 15 early-bird deadline.   

    Kelly has also agreed to auction off 2 different coaching sessions to help us raise support and funds for our Charity Sponsor - the Rachel Kendall Team Family Foundation!  This value is $1,000+!

    Following Kelly’s deep dive presentation into story-telling, we’ll provide you with a catered lunch and roundtable discussion and panel opportunities.  Check out our agenda below!

    As always, there will be several networking opportunities during the day so you can connect with fellow members and meet new ones as well.  Connection and community is essential.

    Program Agenda

    8:30 am   Check-In  |  Light refreshments

    9:00 am   Welcome, Overview & President’s Message

    9:15 am    Kelly Swanson – Part I

    10:30 am  Break

    10:45 am  Kelly Swanson – Part II (hot seats!) + Q&A

    11:45 am  Speaker Spotlight 

    12:00 am  Catered Lunch

    12:45 pm  Speaker Spotlight

    1:00 pm    Rotating roundtable discussions (20 minutes – they select 2)

    • How to become a TEDx speaker (Kevin)

    • Book publishing tips (Stan / Lee)

    • Demo video tips

    • Website design tips

    1:45 pm    Panel

    2:15 pm   Closing remarks

    2:30 pm   Overtime + networking


    We will provide light refreshments in the morning such as coffee, tea, juice and bottled water.  We will also provide fruit, assorted muffins and/or pastries.

    Lunch will also be included in your registration and will be a catered fajita bar delivered from Moe’s Southwest Grill.  View the fajita bar ingredients here and let us know if you have specific dietary needs.  Welcome to Moe’s!

    NSA Carolinas Gives Back!

    The Rachel Kendall Team (RKT) has generously provided their renovated training room to host this NSA Carolinas Speaker Intensive event.  RKT is a very successful real estate firm serving the Carolinas and is extremely active in giving back to charities and philanthropic groups through their Rachel Kendall Team Family Foundation.  

    One of the organizations supported by their Foundation is the Ronald McDonald House (RMH).  They have designed a RACH Kids Store where children and families staying at RMH have access to toys. With every home closing a toy is bought for the store.  With this in mind, we’re encouraging every NSA Carolinas registrant to bring a toy to the Speaker Intensive!  Toys are in need constantly and range from infant to teenager.   

    Furthermore, for every NSA Carolinas registrant who does bring a toy for a child at the Ronald McDonald House, NSA Carolinas will donate $25 to the Rachel Kendall Team Family Foundation.  

    And finally, you can also make an individual contribution to the Family Foundation upon registration for the Speaker Intensive below!  

    Make sure to take advantage of the Early-Bird pricing!

    Thank you to our sponsors!  Sponsorships are available!



    • IN-PERSON (Early-Bird) Member – $50.00 (Ends Oct 15) at 5PM EST

    • IN-PERSON Member – $100.00 (After Oct 15)

    • VIRTUAL Member – $75.00

    Non Members:

    • IN-PERSON (Early Bird) Non Member – $100.00 (Ends Oct 15) at 5PM EST

    • IN-PERSON Non Member – $175.00 (After Oct 15)

    • VIRTUAL Non Member – $135.00

    • $500 SPONSORSHIP (sponsors include logo on all Academy marketing, mention during each session, mention during Speaker Intensive, opportunity to present during 1 session, video recording sent to all registrants, email thank you with link to all registrants.)

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